Aquaholic Water Cartage & Transport Services

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56 Jenkinsons Rd
Woodford QLD 4514
+61 07 5422 9052
+61 07 5422 9510

ABN  29696751750

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Aquaholic WC&TS operate a fleet of Semi, B‐Double & Road Train Water Tankers and Low Loaders. We have Potable and Non-Potable Water Tankers. All tankers are under 4 years old, Australian made, purpose built, steel water tankers that are fitted with baffles and isolating skid plates. Our tankers are also fitted with 4 x pressurised sprays, gravity sprays and some tankers are fitted with 3 inch remote operated water cannons that are capable of delivering 2500L of water per minute in excess of 55m with variable displacement fog nozzles. All have creek fill capabilities, funnels for overhead fill and up to 6 inch loading and discharge capabilities. All tankers are fitted with rotating beacons, reverse lights and work lights. All tankers have ring feeders so they can be hooked up to stabilisers or hooked up in a road train configuration. All operations on the tankers are controlled by a wireless remote control.

Products and Services

30,000ltr Semi Water Tankers (x 15)
40,000ltr B/double Water Tanker (x 2)
60,000ltr Road Train Water Tanker (x 4)
75,000ltr AB Triple Road Train Water Tanker (x 2)
Quad Axle Low Loader with Dolly - 52ton capacity
20,000L Vacuum Tankers


NHVR Maintenance Management
NHVR Mass Management
NHVR Advanced Fatigue Management
Food Safety Accredited